Palestine Affairs

Life as an Israeli – American

My Family’s Palestinian and American Life: The Struggles and Similarities

We have always been abreast with updates with the conflict between Israel and Palestine because most of our family members live between those borders. While our family immigrated to the US during the early 90’s, some of our family members were left which makes us weary about the situation.  My uncle Josh was particularly hard hit.  Although he has found a decent life as a plumber in Chicago, IL. some of his family has been left behind in Israel.  He goes back to see them but it’s just not the same.  

Most of the updates we get are from the Palestine Affairs Council, and we have been in close contact with our family members who were left in Gaza. Although the situation can sometimes be chaotic in some parts of the region, they say that the overall atmosphere is as peaceful as it seems.

The fight for Gaza strip has been going on for several decades and has been an on and off conflict. The problem happened after the WWII holocaust where millions of Jews like me wanted to have their own country. Those who immigrated to the Arab countries were given a portion of Palestine which they expressed as their historic home. Although there were already Arabs living there and neighboring countries think that the proposition was unjust, the locals did not accept Palestine as a new country which led to the conflict.

It is uncanny to think that something like this would happen most especially to a part of the world which is seen to be a medium where peace should originate. Although it is already an existing problem, the world should come together to make this region realize that it should be a cradle where understanding should come first.

One thing I like about Palestine is the weather and the ancient atmosphere that pervades through every aspect of the country. From the old stone walls of ancient architects to the traditional food of Rum Mani Yya, Qidra, and Maqluba. These are some of the memories I have living in Palestine. Plus, the warmth and comfort of everyone around you.